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One of my Massages or Facilitated Healing techniques is just what you need to bring Harmony to your Mind, Body and Spirit. Please browse the selections below to determine which one best suits your needs. Contact me soon to discuss your unique situation or to schedule an appointment.

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Our entire body is one big energy field. Hidden beneath the physical surface, are levels of emotions, thought patterns and learned beliefs. Imbalances and energy blockages on these levels manifest as emotional discomforts and even physical illnesses. The most effective way to treat an illness is to uncover its root cause and begin the healing process from the deepest emotional level. Conventional medicine takes a different approach to healing and can encounter difficulties in determining the actual cause of a disease. Energy healing, also known as chakra energy healing compliments traditional treatments offering a wholistic healing solution encompassing mind, body and spirit.

I will work with you to find the perfect combination of massage and healing techniques required to help you accomplish your objective, whether you are healing from a new or old injury, establishing or maintaining a relationship between your Mind, Body and Spirit, or just want to enjoy relaxing sessions with me to soothe your body, ease your mind and strengthen your spirit.

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I offer customized techniques for individual healing needs.


"Do you have a nagging injury or deal with a particular daily pain which you would like to alleviate once and for all?"

"Contact me right away so we can discuss your individual healing needs and design a program that will get you on your way to feeling better."

-Donna Ruoff, Certified Massage Therapist

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