About Attune Massage & Facilitated Healings
Thank you for letting me share a little bit about my company with you.

I received my schooling at the Heartwood Institute in Garberville. I completed the Swedish / Therapeutic massage class, and then I went back to Heartwood 3 months later to successfully complete a class on Integrated Hot Stone Massage.

I have a beautiful, sacred space where my clients can experience my healing touch and use the experience to empower their own healing process. I offer a one hour Swedish/Therapeutic massage or a 1-1/2 hour Integrated Hot Stone Massage.

Who I am
I will help you improve many areas of your life through health & wellness.

I was blessed with a deeper level of understanding of the human spirit and the gift of caring about the people who I work with. I am also a clairvoyant and I have successfully completed Hand on Healing Program along with a 2 year Shamanic program with Margit Drysdale.

My mission
My purpose is to enrich your daily life through Health and Wellness!

My mission is to bring Harmony to the Mind, Body and Soul of every person I come in contact with, whether through a simple interpersonal interaction or through one or more of my various massage and facilitated healing techniques.

I also aim to increase the level of awareness each of my clients and acquaintances has of the balance between their Mind, Body and Spirit and leave a positive, lasting impression on each person I come in contact with.

What my Clients say About Me
These are actual testimonials from a few of my current clients

Jill from Ukiah says...
"After a car accident many years ago, I finally found someone to help relieve the pain and tension in my whole body. Thank you Donna!"

Paul from Ripon says...
"That was the most relaxed I have felt in a long time. Thank you for bringing some relief and relaxation to my body and stimulating my mind."